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About Us - help us to make a difference!

SurgTech is a social organisation, run by members for members.
We are registered as a company limited by guarantee in England.
We are establishing boards to represent specialities across surgery, and countries across the world.
We will also invite contributors from industry and from professional and educational bodies.

Aside from running SurgTech, we are here for our members, so keep in touch and help us make a valuable resource for surgeons and others the world over.

We aim to facilitate surgical education

We are setting out to do this using electronic media and systems to deliver content free-of-charge via computers and mobile devices to the surgical community.
You too can create and deliver quality surgical education, and we can make it easy (and free of financial overheads!).

SurgTech have the experience in the technical aspects - media capture, editing, hosting, and dissemination in a manner accessible to all.

Video is easy, but we are establishing solutions for all manner of electronic media.
If you have content (whatever the format) that you want to release to the surgical community, then get in touch and we will help.

Our Articles
The objectives (objects) of our association are most clearly defined in our articles of association. Here is an extract…
1. Definitions….
2. The object of the company is to distribute educational materials related to surgical technique and practice to the surgical community (the surgical community being deemed to include, but not be limited to, those delivering surgical care, involved in related educational activity, or the provision of requisite surgical technology), with the general objective to provide the social benefits outlined in article 3 below. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the activities of the company include:
a) Providing educational materials to demonstrate surgical technique, and contemporary practice;
b) Providing information on surgical procedures, equipment available and recent developments;
c) Working with medical professionals and industry partners to ensure the highest quality of educational material is made readily available to the global surgical community;
d) Providing the opportunity for networking / support between medical professionals to discuss related matters and share knowledge; and
e) All other matters which are analogous to the above objectives.

Social Benefit
3. Any profits made through the activities of the company, which are not required for the future operation of the company shall be used to improve services and extend and develop the material made available to the surgical community. The profit may also be used to subsidise the services the company provides referred to in article 2 above.
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